If pg slot ฝาก 50 รับ 100 you are a beginner looking for a fast, simple casino card game, then Casino War is probably the easiest casino card game to learn and play. Rankings for hands in casino war are the same as in poker. Casino War is played with 6 decks of cards with 52 cards in each deck. In this article, you learn how to play casino war, casino war odds, casino war strategy and many other casino war card game areas.

What is Casino War?
Casino War is a casino card game that probably is the best card came to play for beginners. The game is about drawing the highest card to win. Either you draw the highest card, or the dealer draws the highest card. The Casino War game was initially developed by a Nevada based company Bet Technology, but a modern version of the game was released by Habanero 12.07.2017, titled: “War”.

Casino War table
Here you can see an image of the table in the Casino War card game.

Casino War Table

The casino war table has 8 places on 1 side for the players and the player/dealer.
On the opposite side of the table, there is a place for the casino dealer.
The casino war table has separate circles where you can place your tie bet.
Casino War can be played with a minimum of 2 players. Maximum 8 players.

Casino War shuffling
Here you find an explanation of how the shuffling in Casino War works.

52 cards must be divided into 2 batches.
Each batch has equal numbers of decks.
The cards in each pack have the same colour but in different colours than the other batch of cards.
1 set of cards are shuffled in a shuffling device.
1 batch of cards are used to play the game.
Cards from 1 batch can be placed in a discarded deck.
Casino War odds
If your and the dealer’s cards are randomly selected = the odds of winning a round is almost 50% for both player and dealer.
The Odds of getting the highest card is 46.3%.
The Odds of a tie: 7.4%
Casino War rules – how to play Casino War
Here you find instructions on how to play casino war game. The casino war game is divided into 3 gameplay steps: bet, deal, and War. Below we explain from start to finish every stage.

You bet on whether your card will be higher than the dealer’s card.
You can place minimum bet accordion to table limits and maximum bet accordion to table maximum limits.
The dealer calls for bets to be placed on a table.
Decide how much you want to bet.
Place your chips in the dedicated area for chips.
The dealer calls “No more bets”, which means you should not touch your chips, make any more bets, increase your chances or withdraw your bet.
The dealer puts 2 cards face-up on the table.
You are dealt 1 card (player card(
The dealer is dealt 1 card (dealer card)
If you get the highest card, you win.
If the dealer gets the highest number of cards, the dealer wins.
If your card is equal to the dealer’s card, you get 2 options. 1. Wave a white flag and lose 50% of your original bet or double up and go to “war”.
War means you get 1 extra card, and the dealer receives 1 extra card.
In War, you need to double your original bet. For example, if your original bet was 20, you need to bet another 20, resulting in a total of 40.
After you have doubled your bet, the dealer discards the following 3 cards in the deck.
After that, the dealer pulls the 4th card, and the 4th card is the player card. Finally, the dealer discards 3 more cards and pulls the final dealer card.
If your 1 extra card is higher than the dealers, you win.
If the dealer’s 1 extra card is higher than your card, the dealer wins. If you get the lowest card, you lose your bet, and the round ends. If you get the highest card, you get paid 1:1 money, and the round ends.
If there is a tie during “War”, your original bet pushes to the next round. If your doubled bet was 10, you get 20, and the original bet of 10 remains until the next round. Remember that you can not go to War 2 times in the same round.
You can also use a tie-side bet if your war cards match the dealer’s war cards. Simply put your chips in the “tie bet” area when you hear the dealer call for bets.
Dealing in Casino War
Before dealing cards, the dealer removes the first card from the deck and places it faces down in a discarded card pile.
The discarded deck of cards are placed on the front or to the right of the dealer.
A card is placed face-up on the appropriate area of the layout with the right hand of the dealer.
Dealer deals cards from further left on the table in a clockwise manner. 1 card face up to each player who has placed a bet. 1 card face up to the player or dealer.

Casino War tips & Casino War strategy
Don’t use tie bets to win back losses because higher payouts mean lower odds of winning.
Go to War more often to win more money. In War, you either win 1 unit or lose 2. Example: picture you initially bet $10 and then double your bet to $20 for War. You’d be risking $20 to win $10, while the casino is risking $10 to win $20.
To play longer, do not go to War.
Do not use tie bet if you lose. Even if it pays you 10:1. Because tie bets occur rarely.
Go to War as many times as possible and make sure to not surrender.
Do not bet on the tie bonus in each round.

Casino War house edge
Casino War has a low house edge of over 2%. If you play in the long term, you can expect to lose $2 for every $100 you bet.

Online Casino War – play Casino War online
You can play online casino war at Vegaz Casino. The most popular online casino war game is War by Habanero. War by Habanero is an online casino slot based on the popular casino war card game. War by Habanero has an RTP of 97.3%. War was released on 12 07 2017. The maximum win you can get is 10.00x.

The minimum bet in War by Habanero is 0.2, and the maximum bet is 100. You can play War on mobile, and this is an HTML 5 slot.

Play casino war online for free or play casino war online for money
You can play casino war online for free or for real money at Vegaz Casino.
The type of suit for each hand does not matter in the ranking of the hands.

Words and definitions in Casino war game
Burn cards: a burn card is a card that the dealer removes from the shoe and puts face down in a discard rack.
Primary wager: a bet that you must make before any cards can be dealt and for you to participate in a round.
Original deal: the original deal is the 1st card you and other places get and the dealer, and the original deal sets the bet in the round.
Round of play: a round of play means a complete played round where you have placed bets, got dealt cards, and have surrendered or gone to War.
Player: you or other players who play casino war are considered players.
Dealer: a person dealing cards to you and other players in casino war.
Suit: A card out of 52 cards included in the categories club, diamond, heart or spade.
Tie hand: a tie hand is when you and the dealer have a hand of the same value.
Tie wager: a tie bet is an optional bet that you have made at the same time as the main bet or a war bet. If any of those bets are equal, you get a so-called tie hand.
War: War means starting a war by making a war bet on a tie hand on an original deal.
War deal: a war deal is where the cards are placed in the same positions as a war bet.
War bet: a war bet means that the size is as big as your main bet, and you need to make a war bet to go into War.
Why play casino war?
You should play the Casino war card game if you want to play a fun and straightforward casino game for beginners. Casino war is the easiest casino game to play and win because you only need to make a bet and guess if your card will beat the dealer’s card. Make sure to play the Casino War game at Vegaz Casino now.

FAQ – Questions and answers about Casino war
What are the odds of casino war? The odds of winning are 50% for you as a player and 50% for the dealer. The odds of getting the highest card are 46.3%, while the odds of getting a tie are 7.4%.
Should I go to War in a casino war? Yes, you should try to go to War as often as possible in casino war because that increases your chances to win.
Can you play War in a casino? Yes, you can play War in a casino. If you like to play casino war online, you can play casino war by Habanero at Vegaz Casino for real money or for free.
How do you win at casino wars?The best chance to win at casino war is to always go to War and not use tie bets.
What casinos have War? Casino war is available at Vegaz Casino.
Is casino war 50/50? Yes, since the odds of you winning are 50% and 50% for the dealer.
Is casino war a good game to play? Yes, casino war is an excellent game to play, especially if you are a beginner, since casino war is one of the most straightforward casino games for beginners.
Is casino war rigged? No, casino war is not rigged because casino War uses a random number generator that ensures that all cards dealt and shuffled are random and never connected to the previous or next outcome in the game.
What has better odds, casino war or blackjack? Casino war has better odds than blackjack. The odds for casino war are 46.3%, while the odds for blackjack are 42.22%.

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